Benefits To Partnering with Rx Insurance Partners

We believe locally owned pharmacies provide greater service to the families and communities they serve.

At Rx Insurance Partners we understand how the constant changes with Medicare affect your business. We want to be part of the solution to keep you taking care of clients, not worrying about insurance.

  • Retain more customers. We will ONLY offer plans that allow your clients to keep using your pharmacy.
  • Lower DIR fees. We weigh DIR fees when comparing differences between plans.
  • Live Support. Have a single phone number dedicated to your pharmacy for your clients to call for any insurance questions (while in your pharmacy or at home!)
  • Encourage clients to stay local and not use mail order options.

Simply put, we’re in tune with your pharmacy.

Our Process

Step 1: We get to know your pharmacy and determine what specific plans to offer your clients to keep them frequenting your pharmacy.

Step 2: You have a dedicated phone number for your client’s to call in…even while at the pharmacy!

Step 3: Our team will work to find your clients the best possible plan that also works in your local pharmacy network.


As a pharmacist, it breaks my heart to see my patients struggling to understand and navigate their Medicare insurance coverage. That’s why I am such a strong advocate for having a Medicare expert in your corner. Kami and her team are a beacon of hope, providing clarity, direction and peace of mind in what can otherwise be a confusing and overwhelming process. We know that we can trust Kami with our clients. She also understands the importance of local pharmacies and the challenges we face.

-Perry Prather

Having a Medicare expert, like Kami, on your side when navigating insurance questions can be invaluable. As a pharmacist, I have seen first-hand the difference it makes for my patients to have someone knowledgeable to turn to for guidance and support.

-Thomas Sherrer

Kami has been incredibly helpful in assisting our patients at Dallas Prescription Shop find the health insurance plan that best suits their individual needs and ours to retain them at our pharmacy! She has taken the time to look through multiple patient’s medication lists to ensure they are choosing the best plan at the best price. We are so thankful for all of her hardwork and dedication to making sure our customers are provided with the best care!

-Anna Cochran
Dallas Prescription Shop

Why Rx Insurance Partners?

We’re a small business just like you.

As a mom of four who owns an independent insurance agency I understand the sacrifices we all make to be successful. After working with several local pharmacies over the years we have realized what an asset we can be to each other.

With over ten years of experience in the industry we will strive to keep your clients happy and loyal to their favorite local pharmacy. We have the ability to service our clients in a holistic manner with many different insurance lines.

Growing up we loved to visit our local pharmacy for a lemon sour while mom picked up prescriptions. I have many nostalgic memories from going to that pharmacy as a child. It is so important to protect and preserve locally owned and operated small businesses.